Amara Jones

Beautiful puppy we have ever had is from you guys English bulls happy home. Much love for you guys and will post up recent pic of Ester when next I want to communicate. You guys are just the best, always there to give me directions and help i really enjoy buying from you.

Raissa Pendio

After going through the internet and calling numerous breeders I almost quit, after a while i found this amazing website am very happy I successfully got our puppy from English bulls happy home. Micah is very healthy and socialized. She won’t stop putting a smile on our face every day.

Cassim Linda

So so excited I finally got my dream puppy from English bulls happy home . You are the best I must confess. Thou I had issues but I finally got my puppy. please Lucas, do not be mad i started talking to you rudely when the complication started i was curious not to lose my money, still i must confess i owe you more apologies because Niki is just so amazing, peaceful and best company at all times.